What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, but is simply the science of behind search engines (Google, Bing, etc…). In short it is the process in which search engines determine the order of relevant websites for each keyword.


What is the purpose of SEO?

The goal of all SEO services is to make you relevant for the keywords associated with your industry which will build your online reputation.


Why does your business need SEO Services?

Building your reputation online is the LEAST expensive way to advertise your business, and the most effective. Studies show that almost 90% of YOUR customers are going to “Google” your company before contacting you, even if they hear about you via radio, billboard, postcard, sales promotion or any other method of advertising.  So I know you savvy business people are thinking, why not just cut out offline advertising costs and advertise online directly. This will save your company money and save your customers time, well that is exactly what we are offering you, ADVERTISING DIRECTLY TO THE CUSTOMERS WHO NEED YOUR SERVICES.


Why are SEO services more efficient than traditional marketing offline services?

When you pay for a magazine ad, your advertisement shows up for everyone that purchases that magazine where most of those people will not be looking for your service, but the magazine company will still charge you and boast that your ad was seen by the 1,000 people who purchased the magazine when only 5 were relevant and interested your service.

In contrast, SEO services only show up for persons searching for your services.

For Example: If a customer needs roofing repair and lives in Nashville TN. They are going search google for “roofing repair Nashville”. Since 92% of the time, one of the companies on the first page are going to receive the business, your business will see a major increase  in revenue for once your business' name is on the 1st page.

 Why should you choose Ideal4u Designs SEO Services?

At, Ideal4u Designs, our goal is to help build your online reputation. We take pride in first educating you about the benefits of online advertising, and helping you to choose the package that fits your businesses growth.  We find it very important to find a package that suits your business needs now and for your businesses future. We have clients who have experienced up to a 900% return on their investment.

What services do we offer?

Our 2 basic services are Lead Generation Service and Reputation Management.

Lead Generation is our most basic SEO service where we refer customers to your business, for you to fulfill services for these customers. This service operates on a pay-per-lead basis. Once the number of leads is determined in the contract you will start receiving leads within 30 days. Payments for Lead Generation service are required on a weekly basis and if the amount of promised leads is not met, we offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for that payment period.

Reputation Management is our main service where we improve your digital real estate. Think of your website as an asset, like a house, if you don’t like your home or your neighborhood, then you move to a better house and a better neighborhood. This is exactly what we will do for you. We will move your website from the bad area that isn’t receiving calls and isn’t being seen by the customers, to a better area (Google’s 1st page) where it is viewed by customers and does receive calls. This service requires a 12 month contract. With this service all calls go to your company’s phone, and you will start receiving leads within 30 days, and will be on the 1st page of google within 90 days.  Payments for Reputation Management are required on monthly basis.